Who is to Blame for the Sandy Hook Shooting?

But is the Sandy Hook tragedy or any other shooting crime the fault of a Constitution that has seen its usefulness long expired or those who insist to adhere to it? Some would argue that the person who is pulling the trigger is the one to pin the blame on. I would agree, but the liberal media and progressive (communist) politician can not follow common sense because it does not help further their agenda to destroy America by their full frontal attack on our beloved Constitution. So what we are left with is the need to discover who is more to blame for the Sandy Hook shooting, the liberal or the conservative, since we are not allowed to speak of individual responsibility for ones actions.

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Can we trust the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?

This administration mistakenly seems to think that being buddy buddy with a bunch of murderers and hate mongers is going to keep the U.S. interest secure in the region. The Muslim goal is a global take over of all political and religious systems with no room for dissenters. Our way of life is an abomination to them. We can not and will not be able to buy them off. They have and will use the stupidity of this administration to slice our own necks and the neck of our allies Israel.

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